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Collect a Property Tax Refund Averaging $2,300!

Cook County, IL, Homeowners Can Fix Homestead Exemption Benefits for Extra Money.

Finding out if you qualify and claiming your money is easy, fast, and secure with our online solution.

A Hidden Homeowner Gem.

Homestead Exemptions, including the Homeowners Exemption and Senior Citizens Exemption, save homeowners significant money on property tax.

  • NOT Treasurer Overpayment Refunds

  • NOT Automatically Granted in Cook County, IL

  • NOT Part of Annual Income Tax Filing

  • NOT Part of the Property Tax Appeals Process

  • NOT Automatic when Property Tax is Paid through Escrow


Homestead Exemptions exist to make homeownership easier, but are commonly missed.

Many Homeowners Don't Know These Simple Ways to Cut Their Property Tax Bill

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Making It Easier to Get a Refund on Your Property Taxes...Type in your address and they’ll figure out if you have any money that’s owed to you by the county. Then they’ll do the work to make sure your money is refunded....

Entitled Refunds

Without question, the best financial service I've used. Amazing customer experience — spent a few minutes total and received a $1,401 refund I didn't know I was missing. Every homeowner needs to know about Entitled Refunds.

Tim H – Chicago, IL

Homeowner Challenge.

It is complicated. There are multiple Homestead Exemptions, and each one is subject to different eligibility requirements.

Investigating and fixing missed Homestead Exemptions involves:

  • Research

  • Gathering Information

  • Contacting Government Offices

  • Visiting Government Offices

  • Confusing Forms

  • Specific Requirements to Verify Identity

  • Complex Confirmation of Occupancy

  • Notarized Documents

  • Follow Up with Government Offices

The overall burdensome exemption process results in many homeowners not receiving all of the benefits they are entitled to.


We exist to solve the problem.

The Simple Solution.

We save homeowners hassle and time providing a streamlined Homestead Exemption solution combined with outstanding customer service. is a complete online tool for Cook County, IL, homeowners to identify and correct overpaid property tax that results from missed Homestead Exemptions.

Finding missed property tax benefits and getting started to fix them for a refund only takes a minute online with Entitled Refunds. If no refund is available, you gain satisfaction in knowing you did not miss out.

"By completing a web form at, homeowners can easily discover overlooked exemptions or gain peace of mind knowing they didn't miss out.


If a homeowner is owed a refund, they receive an email with clear instructions, access to a secure online portal and their expected refund amount.

Entitled's online process takes less than five minutes of a homeowner's time, making the filing process quick and easy with clear instructions, prepopulated forms, and electronic signatures."

- As published by ReleaseWire and seen on the Daily Herald online.

Why Risk Missing Out?

In less time than it took you to read our homepage, you can find out your available property tax refund amount and claim your cash from Cook County, IL.

Refund Check Image.png

If you have the following question…Is this for real? The two checks I received...should provide you your answer.

This company is top notch, they provide clarity to you every step of the way and under promise and over deliver. Suspend your disbelief and get started! 

Carl S – Palatine, IL

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