Homestead Homeowner Exemption

Online Review & Correction Process
How to easily find & fix unclaimed homestead exemptions for a property tax refund.
1. Start Now
Click start now and submit the web form.
2. Entitled Works for You
We'll quickly verify whether or not homestead exemptions, such as the homeowners exemption and senior citizens exemption, were missed in the current and each of the 4 prior tax years.
3. Cash Refunds & Satisfaction
If You Did Miss Exemptions
  • You receive an email with your expected property tax refund amount and access to a refund progress screen.

  • Our online tool will walk you through the correction process step-by-step.


  • We update you by email at key moments throughout the refund process. You can also monitor the progress of your refund by accessing the refund progress screen at any time.


  • You receive a property tax refund worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.


  • After you receive your refund for correcting prior property tax years, you pay only a small percentage of the refund amount received. Current year and future savings are 100% your benefit!

If You Didn't Miss Exemptions
  • You receive an email confirming that you did not miss out on exemptions.

  • You gain piece of mind knowing your property tax was fairly paid.

  • You pay nothing, our review is free.

4. Be a Hero, Tell Everyone
Have fun telling your family, friends, and neighbors about Entitled and how they can receive cash refunds.
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Easily verify that you received exemptions and correct any missed for money back!

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Homestead Homeowner Exemption
Online Review & Correction
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