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What We Offer Homeowners
Satisfaction that your property tax was fairly paid and more money in your wallet!
How? By verifying homestead exemptions were received and helping fix ones you missed.
  • Risk-Free Opportunity
  • Cash You Didn't Know You Had
  • Satisfaction You Fairly Paid Property Tax
  • Hassle-Free Experience
Homestead Homeowner Exemption Review & Correction
Don't know what an exemption is?
Not sure if you are receiving them?
Don't overpay property tax!
Get started or contact us today.

Note: Homestead exemptions are not income tax deductions or property tax appeals. Property tax homestead exemptions, such as the general homeowners exemption and senior citizens exemption, are additional benefits that are commonly missed by homeowners.


Do not assume you are not missing out on property tax exemptions. Take a minute to quickly confirm and correct exemptions with our streamlined online process. With no upfront costs and no fee at all if you don’t get money back, there is absolutely no risk.

Risk-Free Pricing

Homeowners always win. You only pay if there is a refund. We cover all upfront expenses and invoice after you receive your refund.

  • No Fee, Unless Refund Obtained

  • No Upfront Costs, Receive Refund Before You Pay

  • No Risk, Simple Straightforward Pricing

    • Only 20% of the Refund Amount Received

    • Free for Military, Veterans, and  Their Spouses

Why You Need Entitled


Your time is valuable. Property tax benefits are difficult to understand and the filing process is challenging to navigate. Counties have limited resources and are unable to offer homeowners the level of customer service they deserve.

While the county does not offer a complete online solution to correct homestead exemptions, we do. Our streamlined process enables homeowners to confirm exemptions were received and claim a refund for any that were missed, online, taking much less of your time.


We make confirming exemptions and correcting missed ones simple by combining:
  • Advanced Knowledge of Property Tax

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

Our risk-free pricing makes our service easily accessible to all homeowners.
Missed Exemptions, Happy to Specialize

Counties offer homestead exemptions to reduce the financial strain of homeownership. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know they exist or how to receive them. This results in many people overpaying property tax. 


We use our knowledge and experience to find missed exemptions and correct them for cash refunds. We make it easy for homeowners with our excellent customer service and streamlined online process.

Entitled vs. Appeal

This is not a property tax appeal of assessed value. Entitled focuses on other factors that save you money that are not addressed in the appeal process. Our specialization provides additional opportunity for homeowners, instead of being just another appeal company to choose from.

Advantage of Entitled's Service



Prior to




 Refund Received!

Money Back

& Future Savings!

Do Both

Entitled's service and appeals do not interfere. Benefit from both if given the opportunity.


We encourage you to file appeals in addition to using Entitled’s services.

Entitled does not offer advice on property tax appeals.

Entitled = $
Appeals = Future $
Entitled + Appeals = More $!
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